About us


KAN-KAN Media is a visual art project that promotes and creates new scenarios and platforms for the exchange of the visual culture and arts around the world. Our aim is to create links between art communities in Asia, Middle-East, Europe and South-America.

The KAN-KAN CINEMA FORUM project started in 2010 in Beijing and then moved to Shanghai to create an open space for screening of contemporary international independent films hosted by Shanghai Minsheng Art Museum.


  • presents the work of both debutant and experienced film-makers who otherwise might have not reached the local film market and help them look for possibilities to show their film products. The films are arranged by themes covering a subject, format or a country, film events and festivals,
  • organizes talks, workshops, discussions with the directors and exhibitions,
  • offers opportunities for film- and video-makers and people involved in filming process to participate in networking events,
  • promotes the work of film university departments, film schools and other independent film festivals and organisations,
  • spreads knowledge about different cultures and points of view, using cinema as a tool, and a reference for the debate on our creative differences and similarities
  • helps overcome the language barrier by providing translation of the film scripts

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