Travel Advice

We at A Long Week of Short Films cordially invite the film-makers to attend the festival and participate in screenings and the numerous accompanying events. Below, as a way of a friendly help, we have prepared a few handy tips on how to deal with the most important China travel arrangements, such as visa and accommodation.

The requirements and processing time vary by country (check at a consulate near you) but it is usually: your passport, photo, filled visa application form, flight ticket, hotel reservation and sometimes an itinerary. It usually takes around 1 week to get the visa. It may be done in person or you can ask a specialised travel agency to do that, and in that case they will help you with the documents. For informal guidance read on…

  • Visa application: It is very important to apply for standard L Tourist Visa with sightseeing as the sole purpose. This is the fastest and a trouble-free route. Do not state that you are attending a festival as this will make the process much longer and difficult.
  • Flight ticket: it’s best to get your own flight ticket before applying (we recommend but if you want to apply immediately and don’t have the ticket yet, it is possible to make a flight reservation just for the formal visa purposes with a travel agency (find them in your area or on-line). They charge a small fee for the service. After getting the visa you may proceed with your own reservation.
  • Hotel reservation: again, as with flights you should have a hotel reservation when applying for a visa. Remember that it is possible to make a refundable reservation with most hotels and at or without risking anything in case visa application goes wrong. We recommend the above booking sites as well as private rentals at (make sure you pick up a host with good reviews). When choosing the location you should aim at a location within the central city zone encircled by the yellow & purple metro lines 3&4. If you are looking fo other festival attendees to share accommodation with, please contact us and we can put you in touch with other people looking.
  • Itinerary: it is not always required but you can use this example itinerary just for formal visa purposes: Day 1: Yuyuan Garden; Day 2: The Bund, People’s Square, Nanjing St; Day 3: Shanghai Museum; Day 4: Qibao Ancient Town; Day 5: Day-Trip To Zhujiajiao; Day 6: Jade Buddha Temple, Jinmao Tower; Day 7: Day-Trip To Suzhou; Day 8: Pudong, Century Park; Day 9: Day-Trip To Hangzhou; Day 10: Day-Trip to Nanjing; Day 11: Pearl Tower; Day 12: Shanghai Science and Technology Museum; Day 13: French Concession; Day 14: Shopping; etc
  • Although the LWSF festival is not able to offer any financial help to the film-makers travelling to attend the festival, we are more than happy to give you more advice on the above travel arrangements. Please contact us if you have further questions.

We are looking forward to meeting you in person during A Long Week of Short Films Festival in Shanghai! We can assure you it will be an unforgettable experience both professionally and personally…