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P.O.R.T is a platform for the promotion of emerging and established talents and their work in Germany and other parts of Europe. Each year we select 12 titles, 6 feature or documentary films and 6 short films, from different genres to be screened at one of the most important independent cinemas in Germany (KOKI Komunales Kino Freiburg):


The aim of this project is to open new exhibition spaces to reach new audiences,
promote the work of the filmmakers and their future projects and explore important new narratives.

Our project will be expanded during summer 2016 to South America and Canada. ThIS will represent new possibilities for your film to be part as well of these editions.

As recognition of the film-makers work, we offer a symbolic payment for a film screened in our project.

As a part of the screening we request (whenever possible) the on-line participation of the directors or producers in a Q&A conference via Skype with the public in Germany (after the screening).